Grands & Gadgets

The 多诺霍 School is proud to support a new community service program inspired by one of our students. Grands & Gadgets is a free tutorial for senior citizens designed to help them become more fluent with digital and electronic devices. These free tutorials will take place during our Student Enrichment time and immediately after school. Student volunteers will serve as a help-desk for seniors needing assistance with their phones, laptops and tablets. 

在学年期间,会议将在预定日期的地方。该会议将在上学校图书馆举行2:35 PM至3:35 PM。与会者被要求把他们的设备和他们的问题,我们的学生志愿者。预定的时间将通过我们的社交媒体和印刷通讯公布。


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